Friday, 11 June 2010

Steven Hans Kitching

Went to a friends funeral this week.
1972 Joined the Royal Marines with him at sunny Deal.
Steve was a good bloke and we had some great times together, in the past.Kind of an on off relationship as work and distance created long passages of time when we never saw each other, but as many ex servicemen or members of close knit teams know, you work together and move on to different things, but the friendship still exists, no matter how long the passage of time in seeing each other.
So thanks to his cousin , was informed of his demise, was a shock to say the least.
The funeral was at his home town, of Shotton Colliery, and the Church was standing room only.Steve had many friends, ex bootnecks, and friends and family, also I think the whole of Geordie police force was there, as Steve was a policeman for the last 26 years.
Steve was always up for a laugh would always try to see the fun side of things, so sad he's gone now, he leaves behind 4 children and wife, and they all loved him to bits.

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