Friday, 3 December 2010

To Boldly go where no man has gone before

Star Trek, But Wiki Leaks has exposed our governments lies to all it citizens, we vote for all those lying bxxxxxs and they tell us squat. Anyhow here the link

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Been there done that
Our country has been stolen from us. Our lives have been stolen from us.Updated at 11:16 AM
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How secure are you feeling these days? Is your job secure? Are your possesions secure? Are your investments secure? Are you waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the future? Has life become burdensome?

You’re not alone, unless you’re incredibly rich.

At present, whether you want to admit it or not, most of us are owned. We are owned by Oil Companies, Big Pharma, Banks, Wall Street, the medical insurance industry, and many others. We are property to be milked, bled dry, and discarded.

And if you think you’re part of some entity called the “middle class,” you’re living in a delusion. The middle class has just about ceased to exist and you’re only a few paychecks away from disaster.

Don’t blame yourself for getting here. We’re all responsible because we all let ourselves get conned, raped and bludgeoned by those who run/own everything, and those who act as their shills -- people we call politicians.

We never saw it coming because it crept up so slowly and quietly. And my guess is that most people are still clueless as to what has happened to them.

What happened was that we had a brief “Camelot” moment that lasted from about 1945 to 1980 during which time the ancient evils couldn’t get a foot hold. Then, those ancient evils reawakened with a vengeance. You know what they are: Bigotry, hatred and an insatiable, all consuming greed. Those in power told you that these evils were virtues and far too many bought into the lie.

Shortly after that, hate radio came into our lives, followed by hate television. And it’s been a downhill propaganda sled ride ever since.

It’s my belief that our time is limited. Before long, the criminal psychotics who run almost everything will decide that America is dispensable. After all, the large markets of the 21st century will be China and India. Americans won’t have enough left to make it worth the while of those who own just about everything.

Is there a way for the peasants to rise up and reclaim America? We thought we were doing that in 2008, but it didn’t seem to work out too well for us. So what’s our alternative? Do we sit around waiting for our own funerals?

I know this post is depressing, but it’s my view of our current reality. And if you agree with all or part of it, where do we go from here? What can we realistically do to stop our slide into oblivion?

Who Really owns the Governments

posting this again... from Golem XIV's blog
Now lets look at the other side of the equation, at Ireland itself. Well Ireland's GDP before the crash, in 2008, was ... drum roll please... €207 billion. Or 0.207 trillion.
SO.... on one side we have Ireland whose bond holders, its people, have between them a total GDP wealth of 0.207 trillion euros. Who are being FORCED, against their will, to pay Anglo Irish bank's debts to its bond holders, who between them hold 20.8 Trillion euros. The people of Ireland are paying to, and protecting the wealth and power of, people who have 100 times more wealth!
So where do these wealthy bond holders live and work?
Germany has the most with 15 of the bond holders. Who between them hold 5.3 trillion euros.
France is next with 10 bond holders. Who have about 4 trillion to keep them warm.
Britain is third with 9 who have around 3 trillion.
The Swiss have 6 but who have about 8.5 trillion.
America has only three and hold only a trillion.
Other nations include, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Holland Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, South Africa and Italy.
All these figures are very rough. The figure for Switzerland is certainly under because Private Swiss banks just don't publish figures. What we can say for sure, figures or no figures, is these are not banks investing widow's pensions or orphan's pennies.
So who are they? Well many of the bond holders are privately held banks, which list their activities as asset management for off-shore, non-resident and high value individuals. To give you an example, one of the private banks is EFG Bank of Luxembourg. EFG stands for European Financial Group which is the third largest private bank group in Switzerland. It manages over €7.5 trillion in assets. It is 'mostly', 40%, owned by Mr Spiro Latsis, son of a Greek shipping magnate. He also owns 30% of Hellenic Petroleum. His personal fortune is estimated to be about $9 Billion.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Malta holiday

Had great holiday with the LHSM pay a visit to Jessies bar, opposite the old RM Barracks,

Malta holiday

Friday, 11 June 2010

Steven Hans Kitching

Went to a friends funeral this week.
1972 Joined the Royal Marines with him at sunny Deal.
Steve was a good bloke and we had some great times together, in the past.Kind of an on off relationship as work and distance created long passages of time when we never saw each other, but as many ex servicemen or members of close knit teams know, you work together and move on to different things, but the friendship still exists, no matter how long the passage of time in seeing each other.
So thanks to his cousin , was informed of his demise, was a shock to say the least.
The funeral was at his home town, of Shotton Colliery, and the Church was standing room only.Steve had many friends, ex bootnecks, and friends and family, also I think the whole of Geordie police force was there, as Steve was a policeman for the last 26 years.
Steve was always up for a laugh would always try to see the fun side of things, so sad he's gone now, he leaves behind 4 children and wife, and they all loved him to bits.

Muscle bosun loses weight

Sunday, 18 April 2010