Thursday, 28 December 2006

Vista Black Hole

The reason why everyone who wants Vista, on their computer, is for its nice new Graphical user interface, new nobs and buttons. What you don`t realise is you are subscribing to DRM digital rights management, so the software will police what software you want to play on your machine .At the same time forcing firms that build graphic cards and ad ons to comply with the software built in encrypted rules ,made by microsoft to allow the hard ware to work, going back to Old NT, where nothing worked straight off bat, you had to install different drivers for each item you wanted to work.But with the added burden of extra licencing that will have to be paid for by the end user.You won`t see that advertised as Microsoft will tell everyone what a great new os they are bringing out.Read article by Mr Gutmann
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I like Microsoft OS but this new Vista seems to be over reaching itself by dictating what software you can install as well as hardware , and what you can and cannot watch, won`t let you play unlicenced music, ie mp3 not allowed?? if not yet maybe later it can change rules how your computer works by on line udates, one day you can play a game another day you will be not allowed, by an update, big brother is here..

Sunday, 17 December 2006


This is Jill.She is getting on abit now.She is about
14 or 15 years old.She is either deaf or faking it, as she can`t hear you when you call her.She`s still got a good sense of smell.She used to be able to hear a packet of crisps being opened from upstairs whilst you were downstairs trying like mad to open the crisps quietly, all you could hear was her grunt scrabble up on the landing and run down the stairs to beg crisps from you by staring at you with doggy eyes.This is the greediest dog on the planet.She once ate a whole roast chicken , the only thing left was the silver foil it was wrapped in.Another time she ate a whole Xmas chocolate log.This dog is world champion greedy pig...


Here is a picture of Livvi who eats her breakfast , is also a pain in the butt, but in a nice way.


This is a picture of Mr Gregory Snadford who won`t eat any breakfast is a pain in the butt , but like playing for hours on the computer dungeons and dragons and girly goths and Prunescate or is it runescate...

Saturday, 18 November 2006

The Mad Dog

Well before my divorce we had a dog, 3 walks a day , I was satisfied with that.Her indoors sees another puppy dog decides she wants it.After 2 Weeks non stop hounding ho ho I gave in, "ok but but you`ll have to walk this new brute", says I to her, she says "not a problem". Guess who ends up walking the bleeding dog, me only we have 2 brutes to contend with.Only thing is I ended up with 2 dogs plus a divorce.I would have missed those dogs if she kept them.Ho ho.Meet the new girlfriend

Saddam Escapes