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CV (Curriculum Vitae)



A highly motivated and successful marine craft operator, has acquired a broad base of skills consistent with the effective running of an organization, A proven Team Leader, delegating appropriately, maintaining full control through sound communication and interpersonal skills, building effective, highly motivated teams capable of achieving organizational objectives in arduous conditions. Successfully trained, mentored and developed junior team members, enabling individuals to gain specialist technical knowledge and realize personal skills and potential.

2006 RM POOLE Safety Equipment Worker(Civil Service}to present date.
2003 MDPGA To 2006 May
2002 Left Royal Marines end of service contract
1998 Royal Marines Poole
L.C.U. Troop Stores administrator
n Fast moving troop training environment training recruits new skills.
n On time ordering of stores, equipment.
n Safety equipment manager.

§ Successfully managed and co-ordinate planned and preventative maintenance activities to achieve minimum down time of training equipment.

n Successfully trained and managed personnel to the high standard of fitness professional ability required to react at short notice to situation world-wide, maintaining morale and efficiency of teams in complex critical situations over extended periods.

n Supervised and undertook daily maintenance and running of landing craft. Fully proficient in the management of preventative and proactive maintenance measures ensuring constant availability to undertake international tasking as directed by national executive

n Deal with press and civilian agencies on public relations exercises diplomatically and with courtesy enhancing corps reputation and ensuring visitor safety.

1997- 1998 H.M.S. Fearless.

n Stores Administrator
Maintaining and equipping the ships detachment with the necessary supplies needed to carry out their various tasks. By advanced planning having the equipment needed ready on time.

§ Amphibious Beach Unit Supply Team.
Maintaining the smooth running of stores from ship to shore for land based operations. An understanding of materials needed to be moved, preloading of equipment and knowing the order of offload to enable that the right equipment is offloaded in the correct sequence.

1995-1997 R.M.POOLE -Quartermasters Store Safety Equipment Supervisor

§ As part of the Administration team attended weekly and monthly meetings in the maintenance of equipment and stores.
1993-1994 DIEGO GARCIA-Naval Party 1002
§ Customs duties successfully liased with civilian and U.S. military personnel. Accountable to the foreign office via the islands British Representative, in maintaining smooth running of customs duties at the islands airfield, port area, stores faculty, fishery protection, wildlife conservation and inspection of outlying islands within a 100 mile radius of Diego Garcia.
§ Gained an award from the Royal Humane Society.
For saving the life of another Marine.

1972-1993 Various ships and establishments in both UK and internationally completing numerous professional courses and achieving promotion.

Successfully completed a general secondary education.
Computer skills Microsoft Certified Professional,Windows2000, Windows 2000 Server, Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator 8, Quark Express 4.1
A member of "The Society of Telecommunication Engineers" qualified for aerial, satellite and cable T.V installation.
Sea survival equipment maintenance, First Aid and Fire fighting. Health and Safety CITB
Mobile crane operating techniques and safety procedures. Forklift License, C+E, Hazmat License All Classes Packages +Substances
V.M.2 Vehical Mech.
General Service Medal, Falklands Campaign Medal, Long service and good conduct medal.

Date of Birth 8 September 1956
Divorced 2 Children aged 5 and 3
Driving License Full
Walking the dog in the countryside, reading detective stories, computing on the Internet. Watching T.V.

IT Skills

Applying for Job Supporting Statement.
Worked at RM POOLE as safety Equipment Maintainer for 17 months
Enabled the smooth running of the Sea survival Cell whose main role is to keep 1AGRM safe in all their life saving Equipment.

Have passed Microsoft recognised course in Windows 2000 win2000 Server allowing me the Title of Microsoft Certified Professional


Skillsets: Troubleshoot network usage and computer peripherals. Installing new applications. Performing system backups and data recovery. Able carry out PC installation, maintenance, E-mail administration, disc capacity monitoring and network security.
Able to install,configure Wireless networking and associated security protocols
· good knowledge of:
. Computer programs - Graphic: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Paintshop Pro,QuarkXpress
. Computer programs – Web: GoLive, Dreamweaver, Frontpage,
· good knowledge of HTML code
· good knowledge of CSS
· good knowledge of TCP/IP, LAN, WAN
· good knowledge of hardware and working knowledge of the structure of personal computer

Configuration Management Data Base

This is the link for CMDB thanks technet and Uncle Bill Gates