Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Molly the beast

This is the dog that i did not want, but was nagged into submission by the ex wife let me inherit the hound on divorce.A pocket rocket and a half who inveigled its way into my heart. Already had another dog lab cross who took up all my time walking, taking to the vet etc vets fees don't mention money it has cost me.Poor old Molly suffers from blocked scent glands, so has to visit the vet every 6 months to get them squeezed, finger up the butt to squeeze said glands.After a week of watching her scratching and licking , I thought I'd better get her to the vet, after 12 Quid for 30 seconds work job done, a happy dog. Rolling around rubbing her self with pleasure, so poor sod must have suffered.Be handy to do it myself but takes at least two people, to get the job done.